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Privacy Policy

Fair Weather Farm respects your privacy. We do not share or sell personal information with third parties. This applies to e-mail addresses, mail forms and all other personal information.

We maintain a list of e-mail addresses, acquired with approval from forms or marketing information, to which we may send product updates or information regarding the farms. Members of the list may choose to unsubscribe by sending your request.

This site uses cookies (small text files stored on your hard drive) to save any of your personalized settings. These files do not contain any personal information about you or your computer.

Legal Notice

Visitors to are subject to the following:


All trademarks, text, images, sound and any other materials on the three sites are owned by Fair Weather Farm and may not be used without our permission. All content is for general purposes only and should not be used for insurance claims. Site linked from these sites to others are for interest purposes only.  We do not control those Web sites. is governed under U.S. laws and regulations.  Using these sites means you agree to the legal notice and privacy policy.

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