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From trail riders to competitive equestrians and horses needing a bit of R&R, Fair Winds Farm offers options for every equestrian to fulfill their needs and goals. With ample space to roam, an extra-large outdoor arena, two indoor arenas, and round pen, there's plenty of options for horse and rider to enjoy in this relaxed, quiet environment.

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The Facility

Fair Winds Farm encompasses 36 acres including twelve managed grassed pastures. The barn includes two indoor arenas and the option of either a standard stall (12' x 12') or oversized stall (12' x 18').

Barn Hours 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The Barn

  • 12' x 12' regular stalls

  • 12' x 18' large stalls 

  • 3 grooming/wash rack stalls 

  • 2 indoor arenas 

  • Lounge, tack room, office, and restroom

  • Security system

  • Laundry Room

Outdoor Grounds, Pastures,
& Riding Arenas

  • 36 acres

  • 12 managed grassed pastures

  • Extra-large outdoor riding arena

  • Round Pen


Fair Winds Farm provides the highest quality care and management of your horse. Horses are turned out daily (weather permitting) in our large pastures and receive as much pasture time as possible.

Full Service Care Package

  • Highest quality of hay and bedding

  • Grained 2x daily

  • Customized feeding programs

  • 7 day turnout in numerous grass pastures & all weather paddocks

  • Daily hoof picking & leg inspection

  • Turn out boots/blankets applied daily

  • Blanket changing according to temperature requirements

  • Daily stall cleaning & picking, including all major holidays

  • Rehabilitation care in conjunction with veterinary supervision

  • Personal locker, saddle rack(s), & bridle hook(s)

  • Night Checks

  • Staff members live on site

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